50 Million User Base: EverEarn Expands Its Marketing Push To Euro / Asia and Beyond!

EverEarn (EARN)
1 min readApr 28, 2022

With any successful cryptocurrency project, there comes the time and need for a higher level of marketing visibility and a much more robust investor pool from which to grow.

That time is “NOW!”

EverEarn has recently taken the necessary steps to further the pursuit of crypto stardom by launching its Asian / European Marketing in conjunction with Brave Browser (whose user base exceeds 50 million users) and organizing a spokesperson collaboration with Asian Professional Footballer and now EverEarn spokesperson, Kazuki Takahashi.

That’s right Earners and future Earners, Kazuki Takahashi has agreed to be the EverEarn spokesperson and is beyond excited to help us represent the EverEarn brand.

These announcements could not have come at a better time for the EverEarn project as it gears up for a new wave of development, advanced utility, more user friendly applications and a continued stream of BUSD rewards to its investors.

EverEarn has boldly risen to a level of legitimacy in the cryptocurrency space that few other projects can honestly claim and embrace. With 7 total apps in place in as few as the first three months of launch and many more to come in the teams savage development timeline, the possibilities for wealth with EverEarn investors are endless.

Join their community of rewarded investors at https://t.me/EverEarnOfficial and consider your own investing strategy at https:EverEarn.net



EverEarn (EARN)

A BUSD rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain created to answer the call for legitimacy and honesty in the cryptocurrency rewards space.