$EARN POLY Public Presale: Self-Hosting Presale for Best Outcome

EverEarn (EARN)
4 min readMay 25, 2023


The traditional method for cryptocurrency initial token offerings (ICO) is to host new token launches on independent launchpads; a 3rd party developed and hosted web platform where interested crypto-enthusiasts can go an buy cryptocurrencies before they launch. EverEarn is turning this model on its head by self-hosting.

Traditional Launchpad Offerings

In the traditional sense from the user perspective, when you are looking to buy a cryptocurrency before it launches on the open market, you would search for or navigate to various launchpads such as PinkSale (https://www.pinksale.finance/), GemPad (https://gempad.app/), or UniCrypt (https://app.uncx.network/), just to note a few. There are in fact hundreds of launchpads in existence to find and choose from. Launchpads provide a one-stop-shop experience where user can see dozens to hundreds of current and upcoming pre-sales all in one place.

From the project team perspective, launchpads are a huge amount of time, effort and risk. Each has their own rules, offerings, abilities, trust level, reputation, community attraction, and limitations. Project teams have to do all the research to determine which launchpad is better, whether or not it will allow them to properly target the right audience, and they must do this with little to no information provided by each launchpad.

Most launchpads want a percentage of the token being launched, require locked in timelines, require locked in pairings and valuations, provide little to no advertising support for the cost, and provide little to no operational support to help with the success of the pre-sale. In the event of market down turns, black swan events, external negative catalysts, bot attacks, negative chain specific events, or other external negative influencers that cause buyers to suddenly pull back, projects get left holding the bag and trying to salvage their pre-sale.

Are There Any Advantages to Launchpads?

At the time that a new project registers the presale for its soon-to-be-launched token, the team must predefine several locked in elements; liquidity pairing (BNB, ETH, MATIC, etc), valuation, min/max buy, and presale timeline. Once the presale is live (open for people to participate), these values are locked in and immutable; they cannot be changed. But what happens if there’s a sudden down turn in the market during the presale? What if another bank or another exchange suddenly collapses? What happens if stablecoins lose their peg again? What happens if the project if targeted for a bot or FUD attack? If any of these occur immediately before, or during the presale, the team has no options available in making critically needed changes / updates to the presale, for the good of the community and project.

And what exactly does a launchpad provide for the fees charged? Any project can get an audit certificate, or KYC certificate from anywhere, can post an AMA video, get set a ‘safu’ certificate; the team has to pay for all these items regardless of who provides them. Once the pre-sale is over, the team has to handle to movement of the tokens, liquidity and launch, as well as locking of liquidity…and of course, all the advertising still falls to the team.

And if the pre-sale doesn’t fill within the expected time, because of any of a hundred of external negative factors unrelated to the team, it is the team that has to deal with a ‘failed launch’, which fuels loss of reputation and traction, due to factors beyond their control. Launchpads essentially provide the service of hosting the pre-sale, but few if any provide any tools to aid in launch success. Basically, project teams just have to hope they chose a timeframe where only good things happen in the world during their presale.

Self-Hosting for the Most Advantages

It is true that hosting on a launchpad provides projects with access to the visitors already going to that specific launchpad, but the project still has to do all of the advertising to get noticed; Advertising that the project has to plan, execute and pay for regardless of where the pre-sale is hosted.
As such, EverEarn has decided to self-host its $EARN Poly Public Presale (https://www.everearn.academy/promotions/earnpoly).

Self-hosting allows EverEarn to flex a large number of advantages for the benefit of the project and community as a whole;
- Presale buys are in stablecoin, insulating buyers against price fluctuations.
- Presale buys can be in the form of BUSD, USDT or USDC to provide buyers with greater options.
- Presale buys can be through BSC, ETH or Polygon blockchains, to give buyers more options, have access to more communities, and prevent buyers from absorbing needless blockchain transfer fees.
- The presale is kept in stablecoin right up until immediately prior to token launch — this ensures that price fluctuations of native coin (MATIC), do not impact the valuation of presale buys, or the launch value — $1 remains $1 in value right up to launch, regardless of what the markets do.
- Liquidity will still be locked onto a launchpad once the pre-sale concludes.
- The pre-sale isn’t shoehorned into a specific timed deadline, allowing for more community involvement in marketing and advertising, and insulting the project more against negative market influencers.
- Audit certificate, KYC certificate, tokens details, contract details, and all information related to the project PLUS quick and easy access to the project website, academy and whitepaper all readily available.

Self-hosting the $EARN Polygon Public Presale provides the project, community and pre-sale buyers with the greatest advantages. Once again, EverEarn is blazing a new path in trust and community involvement. Yes there will be challenges, but launching on Polygon will be EverEarn’s third blockchain launch, and the team is in the process of meeting these challenges head on for long term success.



EverEarn (EARN)

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