EverEarn: The Growth Advantage to Bringing $EARN POLY

EverEarn (EARN)
3 min readJun 1, 2023

For those holders already involved with EverEarn, the coming launch of $EARN onto the Polygon (POLY) network is no surprise (https://www.everearn.academy/promotions/earnpoly); Polygon continues to gain real popularity amongst crypto enthusiasts, as well as businesses around the world. From telecom companies like Deutsche Telekom (https://u.today/polygon-secures-partnership-with-one-of-worlds-largest-telecommunications-companies), to megalithic giants like Google Cloud (https://coinpedia.org/press-release/google-cloud-partners-with-polygon-what-this-means-for-filecoin-tms-network/), Polygon continues to establish inroads and partnerships designed to elevate and keep itself as a major blockchain within the crypto verse.

Polygon continues to display that it keenly understands that the long-term plays and long-term planning are critical to long-term success, and that the day-to-day movements of the market are going to occur regardless of what it does, and therefore doesnt get distracted by it. Polygon however continues to also show that it isn’t afraid to look outside the box for innovative solutions in order to boost visibility as well as future viability. These are just some of the reasons why EverEarn tagged Polygon Blockchain as the 3rd network to launch on; because of how similar the mindset and tenacity.

Evolution Changes with $EARN POLY

In the planning for the launch onto the Polygon Blockchain (https://www.everearn.academy/promotions/earnpoly), the EverEarn team also planned a number of evolutionary changes to the $EARN contract in general. These changes are meant to increase the long term stability, viability, opportunity and success for EverEarn as the team continues to move forward. Some of the upcoming changes with the launch of $EARN POLY include;

  • ability to change ‘reward payout token’ to any on chain currency
  • ability to whitelist cex/dex wallets to support ‘sell-less’ exchanges
  • ability to turn ‘off’ tokenomics on transfers
  • ability to allow purpose built NFT interaction with the smart contract
  • 11% reward tokenomics locked (no ability for anyone to adjust lower - also locks in 11% as the enforced minimum possible tokenomics)
  • 15% current tokenomics locked as max (no ability for anyone to adjust total tokenomics higher)
  • deflationary token burns handled outside of the contract, as a mitigation measure to possible future threat actors or possible smart contract exploits
  • ability to change project linked wallets to multi-sig wallets for greater security
  • support of P2E
  • ability to manually inject rewards into the contract for direct distribution to holders
  • and the list goes on.

Once $EARN POLY is launched on the Polygon Blockchain, the EverEarn team will be migrating the existing $EARN BSC and $EARN ETH contracts over to this new contract format, so that all three tokens will be running on the same version, and benefiting from the same upgraded enhancements.

Being Built to Last

Like Polygon, EverEarn has an eye towards the future, regardless of the day-to-day market changes. Success rarely occurs overnight, while planning and preparation are most commonly the path to long-term positive results.

For those interested in joing the $EARN POLY launch, the public presale is open to everyone at https://www.everearn.academy/promotions/earnpoly. EverEarn’s self-hosted presale allows crypto-enthusiasts to participate via multiple stablecoin and blockchain options. Additionally, all presale funding is being held in stablecoin up until launch, to ensure that changes within the market cannot, as much as possible, negatively affect initial buyer valuation.

Make no mistake however that the EverEarn team, like Polygon, is developing solutions in tandem to the $EARN POLY launch, designed to implement out-of-the-box thinking in terms of capital raises for future development, as well as crypto-chart-independent revenue streams. The EverEarn team continued to march forward in its goal to bring forward innovative solutions to boost visibility, future viability, and long-term stable passive income.



EverEarn (EARN)

A BUSD rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain created to answer the call for legitimacy and honesty in the cryptocurrency rewards space.